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It all begins with coffee.

Space can feel like a lonely place, but the simple joy of waking up in an outpost with a toasty canteen of coffee reminds us that home is always with us wherever in space we drift. Our mission is to deliver the finest coffee to all of the lost astronauts, the space cadets, and the stargazers out there, and to help each of us find those simple joys that bring us back to earth.


Our humble origins.

As the sun rises and the rest of the world is just beginning to wake up, the quiet and sacred hour spent with

the first rich and intoxicating cup of coffee is a daily meditation on the difference between loneliness

and solitude. Coffee has always held the unique quality of elevating us from the gravity of life, and sharing the experience of coffee with those we love is a way to become centered together.

A feeling of home, of being centered, and of feeling connected can be one of the most important emotions we experience. Lost Astronaut Coffee Co. was founded to bring this feeling of being found to all the lost astronauts out there, to support charities that help others find their center, and to provide a community where these spacefarers know they can call home.

Our cause.


As time pushes forward and space keeps expanding, I know many who feel that they, too, are drifting apart. I am forever grateful for the open dialogue that my friends and loved ones have maintained throughout their times of feeling disconnected, and as much so for the programs and organizations that exist to help those who feel lost find their center. 

Lost Astronaut Coffee Co. donates revenue from our signature coffee mugs toward mental health programs and suicide prevention programs for at-risk youth. The universe can seem too big sometimes, and this can be particularly difficult to manage at a young age. Thank you for supporting children in their development of positive mental health practices and for helping lost astronauts everywhere be found