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Making every morning otherworldly.

About Us

Lost Astronaut LLC is a private-label coffee company born out of the belief that the rich and intoxicating aroma of coffee can serve as a beacon of home, no matter how far adrift we may be.

Our mission is to bring the finest coffee to all those lost in space - the brave astronauts, the dreamy stargazers, and the curious space cadets - and to remind them of the simple joys that make life worth living. For us, coffee is not just a beverage, it's a daily meditation that elevates us from the gravity of life and brings us together with those we love.

At Lost Astronaut, we don't just want to sell coffee, we want to create a community where all spacefarers can call home. We're committed to supporting charities that help others find their center and to spread the feeling of being found to all those who need it. Because in the vastness of space, a simple cup of coffee can make all the difference.

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"I say with no exaggeration, I haven't been this into a particular roast in years - hekkin consistent and delicious."



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We're proud to fuel a colony of content creators, streamers, artists, and coffee lovers from all spacewalks of life. With daily livestreams from our community members, good morning threads, weekly coffee deals, and more, keeping up with the Nauts is just another part of the morning routine. Join the colony on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Discord, and catch all the latest on specialty brews and community news.

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